Inside The Colorado Cider Company, Denver, Colorado July 2012

We arrived in Denver to celebrate the marriage of one of the son’s of my oldest and dearest childhood friends.  However, to  kick start the celebration,  we visited with Kathe and Brad Page, friends we met while living in Buenos Aires, Argentina where they opened a brew pub.  Their latest venture is The Colorado Cider Company, in Denver.  It is here that they brew and distribute hard apple cider.  Wait a minute… do you brew cider? Obviously my cider terminology is limited, but I did learn that the process of making cider is more like that of wine than beer.

Colorado Cider Company owners Kathe and Brad Page

At any rate…we were fortunate to have a private cider tasting and  learned so much about apples and  cider.  YES hard cider it is fermented and alcoholic, NO hard cider is not sweet like hard lemonade!  While I’m not a big drinker, (though I have been known to overindulge on Champagne and/or  Bloody Mary’s…especially at brunch…a whole other story) I really enjoyed the sophisticated taste of these ciders!

Fun facts:

Patio/deck Colorado Cider Company

  • The first apple is believed to be originally from what is present day Kazakhstan.
  • Cider, called “Sidra” in Spain, “Sagardoa” in the Basque region, Cider in Britain and France or “Hard Cider” in the U.S.A., is a fermented apple juice and is popular the world over.

According to the friendly, knowledgeable owners, “The Colorado Cider Company is dedicated to reviving cider apples in Colorado and developing its cider to take advantage of all the wonderful flavors out there in the apple universe.”

The cider is made on site and then purchased by stores and restaurants through a distributor.  I promise you will fall in love with the ciders they have crafted.  I was especially drawn to their exotic names, artfully crafted labels, and their very poetic descriptors…

Glider Cider “crisp and tart”, Dry Glider Cider “has a whisper of juice added back, like a mist of vermouth over a fine martini”  Grasshop-Ah, “an ode to the botanical neighbors and flavors of our favorite grasses and flowers”, Ol’ Stumpy, “earthy flavor and the tannic mouth-feel that makes you think you’re sitting in an old orchard sipping history” and the newest Pom Mel, “300 pounds of Colorado Wildflower honey is in each batch and it’s infused with hints of lavender and rosemary to compliment the botanical origins.”

Cider on tap at Colorado Cider Company tasting room

All of the ciders are delicious and refreshing…of course I have a personal favorite but you will need to taste them all to decide on your very own.  It’s well worth checking out their tasting room, or you can find them at various wine and brewfests around the state.  Upcoming events are listed on their website.  You won’t be disappointed!

Colorado Cider Company
2650 West 2nd Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80219
Tastings:  Fri. 3:00 – 6:00  –  Sat. 2:30 – 6:30 – Sun. 1:00 – 5:00

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  1. Reggie says:

    Crystal, your blogs always wet my appetite and inspire me to try new food, drink and adventure! Ive never had hard cider, but you have given me the craving Your blogs are fabulous…keep them coming.

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