On the road again to Ruidoso, New Mexico!

We always end up leaving late, the planned 6am blast off absolutely did not happen but we were only an hour behind, not bad for our first long road trip with the dogs! We were inspired by the story of a man and his dog that was profiled on the evening news.   Long story short… owner of dog with a terminal illness takes said dog on a road trip,  kind of a doggie “bucket list” trip, documenting it all with photos of course.  We loved the story! Our dogs are old (14 and 10) with all the requisite ailments of older dogs so we decided to make it a “family” adventure.  Fort Worth to Ruidoso is an 8.5 hour drive which seemed very daunting, as long drives always seem to me…the woman with the 3 hour driving limit! But I live in Texas.  Texas is the size of France and Switzerland combined…you can hardly be anywhere in 3 hours.  So we packed Harley and Scout into their crate (along with their bowls, bed, blanket, harnesses, and a bag of “special diet for old dogs” food!) and headed west to the “Land of Enchantment”.

Wind farms north of Midland, Texas

Wind farms north of Midland, Texas

Love the open road!

Love the open road!

Branching out from our usual Santa Fe/Taos addiction we decided it was time to see Ruidoso. Described on Trip Advisor as, “Situated ideally at the center between the Lincoln National Forest to the south and the northeast and the Valley of Fires State Park to the northwest, Ruidoso is a still-sleepy mountain town despite its recent growth and popularity with tourists.”

For us it is always the call of mother nature,  perfect weather, green chile on everything and the smell of piñon that brings us back to New Mexico again and again.  Oh and of course the STARS!

Junk shop in Snyder, Texas

Junk shop in Snyder, Texas

Talk about a changing landscape! Horses, cattle, cotton fields, pumpjacks (the oil pumping machines that dot the west Texas landscape), wind farms, mountains, valleys, green and dry land, pine trees and the ever present big blue New Mexico sky dotted with clouds that appear to be waiting to be touched or painted…all made for a beautiful drive.  All of that, along with some good tunes and conversation, the time flew by and we arrived safe and sound.  Looking forward to the days ahead.  Nature is beckoning…


First wildlife sighting.


Beautiful sunset.

View from our deck

View from our deck


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One Response to On the road again to Ruidoso, New Mexico!

  1. Alison Von Hahn says:

    Have a wonderful family holiday.🌟🐾

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