The Peace and Power of Gong Meditation and Sound Therapy

I’m usually blogging about journeys of the physical kind… food, cities, states or countries that require the movement of the self from one geography to the next.  Today however I experienced a journey of the mind and spirit thanks to “BLISS” a twice weekly restorative yoga class  at The Sanctuary Yoga Room ( that featured gong sound meditation.

Kenny Kolter

Kenny Kolter

My virgin voyage with sound therapy was in 2014 in a private session with Melanie Currie Adams ( and her crystal singing bowls. I learned that there is growing research that sound therapy has a positive effect on our health and well-being…reducing stress and even having healing properties.   I remember thinking, hours after the session,  that I felt as if my body had been massaged without ever being touched.  It had a lingering effect.  Later, while in Santa Fe,  I tried in vain to secure a spot on Christmas Eve for my husband and I to experience a  “Gong Bath” session at The Gong Studio (  I spoke with the owner who told me that the sessions always fill up weeks in advance and they were booked for the week.  Who knew? Obviously people were on to something and I wanted in!  But it was not to be…until today.

I’m not a stranger to Sunday “BLISS” at the Yoga Sanctuary Room. The 3pm time slot makes it a perfect  week-end restorative yoga class,  bringing a peaceful close to one week,  while preparing the mind, body and spirit for the challenges of a new one.    The class is dreamy in every way, from the serene, nurturing, creative space to Dena Walker’s peaceful voice that take us on a journey through asanas specifically designed to allow the body to surrender and relax.   Throughout class, towels scented with essential oils are placed over our eyes to block out the the light and to soothe our senses and our usually very overstimulated selves. It’s a gift.

Tibetan Bowls

Rest and Relaxation

Rest and Relaxation

Today’s BLISS class led by Rebecca Butler with Dena’s assistance, reflected on the effects of the tonight’s Blood Moon and lunar eclipse and offered a variety of relaxing and grounding asanas.  Featured in class today was Kenny Kolter ( whose skill  and ample collection of gongs, drums, and Tibetan singing bowls were meant to  move us  to an even deeper state of relaxation.  Well…Mission Accomplished!  I LOVED  the extra long Savasana while bathing in the sound and vibration of the gongs.   It was truly divine, mystical and magical. Many words come to mind to describe it but like so many of life’s great events this is one to be experienced to be appreciated.

I asked Kenny about the OM sound I thought was emanating from the gong.  It was a rich, beautiful and penetrating sound. Kenny said that it was his voice, combined with the gong.  He then explained “Toning” and how ” The gong acts as a resonator that makes one voice sound like many”.  I asked a few of the students about their personal experience.  One described the session as hypnotic and her face feeling as though it was tingling.  Another thought it  “a lovely moment of transcendence in a short period of time”.  For me, it was the deep tonal sound of the gong that went right to the core of my being, taking me on my little journey, similar in some ways to the Yoga Nidra experience where you are not asleep,  but rather you are transported!  I was “gonged” In a word….BLISS!

DISCLAIMER:  Gonging may be addictive.  Can’t wait for the next session! xoxoxo


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