And the seasons, they go round and round!

There hasn’t been a season since our arrival in May of last year that has been, according to the locals, “normal”.  Cold, rainy spring, cool summer, warm fall and freezing winter with a Nor’easter once a week for three weeks…IN MARCH.

Proud to say, we’ve rolled with it all!  Our biggest challenge…staying warm IN the house, and that was not something we were counting on.  It’s been like camping indoors, with the winds rolling over the hills from the Northwest with more of a roar than a howl,  and finding it’s way through every nook and cranny in the farmhouse.  NOT exaggerating either.  We’ve insulated the attic and already making plans for the changes that need to happen so that we are warm and toasty next winter.  We can’t help but wonder how the Kilbourn’s who built the house in 1799 managed to stay warm! In the meantime, we’ve mastered the snowblower, accumulated shovels, snowshoes,  and boots for every occasion and weather condition!

Snowshoes in the field

Snowshoe adventure


18 inches of snow …love the pine trees!


Shadows and light…just like life.

The beauty of every season has kept us stimulated and excited about our move. One of our biggest reasons for relocating was a need to get closer to a wide variety of nature and wildlife and  I am on a constant quest for animal sightings.   Our property is obviously a place of vulnerability in winter, a wide open swath of land without trees has most likely kept what we are sure is an abundance of life under wraps. So the bird feeders have kept me and Kali kitty amused! My favorite visitors, a variety of woodpeckers, many cardinals and a little red squirrel who crawls inside one of the larger feeders.  Three suet feeders have literally disappeared and I’m guessing the ravens or the squirrels are the crafty bandits.  Unfortunately, feeders need to be taken down this weekend as black bears have already been seen out of their dens. Connecticut has seen a huge increase in its black bear population since the 1980’s and people seem to see them all the time.   I hope to see one too, just not up close and personal! This past weekend, in Cornwall near the bridge, we saw a bobcat, a first for both of us.  I didn’t believe my eyes at first, but my instinct told me to have B turn the car around quickly and I caught a great photo of the beautiful cat while he or she was walking on a backdrop of snow!  Looking forward to the spring sightings…and even to the sounds of the coyotes…an animal I am oddly attracted to.

IMG_0256 2

Snow in the forecast again for Monday, April 2nd ….but the grass is greener, peony sprouts are erupting, there are buds on the lilac bushes and my favorite color is about to erupt in the landscape…looking forward to the gazillion shades of GREEN.  Sweet dreams for now!



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Curious, Type A personality with hippie & nomadic tendencies who loves science and wellness, medicine (western and alternative) yoga, animals, fashion, food (creating it, eating it, shopping for it, talking about it) nature, new experiences, reading, travel, and sharing things with friends and family!
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2 Responses to And the seasons, they go round and round!

  1. Alison von Hahn says:

    Loved the article and the beautiful photos. Can’t wait to see your “Spring” article (if in fact Spring ever arrives.) Big Hugs…….

  2. etiliyle says:

    Nice pictures. Well written

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