Cricket Hill Garden…It truly is “Peony Heaven”

Everyone said when we moved to our house in Litchfield that we should observe the landscape for a year to see what blooms in spring.  We’ve had so many pleasant surprises but for sure the most elaborate display of flowers has been in the form of 15 peony plants that are in the landscape along a stone wall just bursting with buds.  They are pink, a deep burgundy, and white (my favorites) and they are blooming like crazy.  I am loving them, and it was while talking to a friend about them that he suggested a trip to Cricket Hill Garden in Thomaston, Connecticut a short drive away on a long country road with views of the Litchfield Hills and beautiful farms. Just the mention of peonies and the parasols in the same sentencewas enough to encourage me to go and take a peak and WOW it was fabulous.

Cricket Hill is set in a wooded, residential neighborhood and it’s easy to miss the sign!  But just a few feet into the drive and you know you are in a special place.  There are towering trees making for a shady wooded and terraced garden with inviting paths that draw you into it all.  You can rest at the picnic tables spread out around the grounds, and enjoy the dappled shade, cats, chipmunks, cats hunting chipmunks, and a variety of bird calls and today the wind through the trees added to the experience.  It is a  feast for all the senses!   I loved it here and as one of my friends asked when she saw some photos…”Can I live here?”.

Here is the link to their website:  The staff wearing t-shirts that read, “Peony Heaven” were helpful and eager to answer any questions.  If you want to see the peonies in bloom you will have to hurry…they expect them to be around till mid June.  Tick tock!

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