Oh Christmas Tree…

You know how good friends sometimes just seem to know what you need even if you don’t know it yourself.  Peggy called me on Friday and said, “You’ve been working so hard, I want to take you to a magical place, a Christmas tree farm with great views of the mountains and snow on the trees.  You are going to love it.”  So off we went and YES it WAS magical at the Seekonk Tree Farm in Great Barrington,  Massachusetts and just as Peggy described.  Rows of Christmas trees in all shapes and sizes went on forever as did the view.  Snow on the ground, rolled bales of hay in the fields and horses grazing  at a nearby farm.  YES magic!


So it was all easy peasy….you can select from pre-cut trees (cut this past week) or cut your own which of course was our choice.   There was something for everyone, a regular “Christmas Tree” playground.  Families were arriving while we were there with the kids grabbing the saws nearby and rushing out to make their selection.   It was all so very festive, and yes it was cold!

After the cutting of the tree…Benjamin’s first “fresh cut” tree ever,  the rest of the  “process” was impressive and it was a process.   First the tree is  put into a “shaker” to remove the ice and snow…and if I am to believe the man that helped us they have had some mice fly out on occasion.  Luckily that was not our experience! Next to the “trimming” station  where the tree gets a fresh cut at the bottom and since we bought their tree stand (a bucket-like stand with a metal rod in the center) our tree required a hole drilled into the center of the trunk.  Then on to the tree wrapping station and mounted to the top of the car.  Voilà!

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Saws ready for action



BTW….The stand is amazing.  All we had to do is set it up, and place the tree onto the spike.  So not like the tree stands of old as in no messing with those crazy screws while attempting to keep the tree upright (which was close to impossible at times and the tree was never straight).  Lets see if the stand and the tree can survive our cats!   Kali hasn’t discovered it yet but that won’t last long.

More work to be done but the lights are on and all is good with the world!

Merry Christmas!





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7 Responses to Oh Christmas Tree…

  1. Zac says:

    I LOVE that they let you cut down your own tree 🎄 What a great day this sounds like. Makes me miss Christmas all the more, hope you have a great one 😊

  2. Cécile says:

    Such a delight to read your posts, I can taste the eggnog and smell the tree.
    Have a very Merry Christmas! Bises de la Suisse:))

  3. Joyeux Noél Cécile! Bisous!

  4. Sunshinysa says:

    We have a fake big one here, so wish I could have a real one. Looks like you had great fun.

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